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Executive coaching

Welcome to our executive coaching page at Success Enabled. Our coaching program utilizes the Shadowmatch coaching platform to provide continuous support and guidance to executives. With our coaching, executives can expect to gain valuable insights, develop new skills, and achieve their professional goals. Let us help you unlock your full potential and take your career to the next level.

Shadowmatch coaching

Coaching Process

  • Remap the Executive’s Career.

    • Initial Assessment and Goal Setting

      • Conduct a thorough career assessment using tools such as the Shadowmatch worksheet to understand the executive's current career situation, preferences, and challenges​​​​.

      • Develop a Personal Feedback Report and a Career Report to identify the executive's strengths, weaknesses, and potential career paths​​.

      • Set clear, actionable career goals aligned with the executive's personal and professional aspirations.

    • Career Planning Sessions

      • Schedule a minimum of four to five initial career planning sessions to discuss the reports and explore different career options​​.

      • Identify reasons for current job dissatisfaction and explore possible optimal career changes​​​​.

      • Create a detailed career action plan, including steps to transition to a new career or to enhance the current one for better alignment with the executive's goals and values.

    • Ongoing Career Development

      • Engage in continuous career coaching to monitor progress and adjust the career plan as necessary to respond to new opportunities or challenges​​.

      • Use feedback loops to ensure the executive remains on a positive and progressive career path​​.

  • Build a Strong Team

    • Team Assessment and Building

      • Utilize team-building services to assess the existing team dynamics and identify areas for improvement​​.

      • Conduct team-building workshops and activities to foster collaboration, trust, and effective communication among team members.

      • Integrate Shadowmatch's AI coaching system to align team members’ behaviors and work habits with the executive's vision and business goals​​.

    • Development of Key Personnel

      • Focus on the development of key team members to ensure they are well-equipped to support the executive in achieving organizational objectives.

      • Provide targeted coaching for high-potential employees to enhance their skills and prepare them for future leadership roles​​.

    • Ongoing Team Coaching

      • Maintain regular team coaching sessions to address any emerging issues and to continuously strengthen team performance.

      • Use team feedback to refine strategies and ensure the team remains aligned with the business’s evolving needs.

  • Handle Difficult Relationships

    • Relationship Assessment

      • Identify and assess difficult relationships within the executive's professional network, including colleagues, stakeholders, and subordinates.

      • Use tools like Shadowmatch to analyze the underlying behaviors and habits that contribute to relationship challenges​​​​.

    • Conflict Resolution and Coaching

      • Develop a conflict resolution plan with specific strategies for improving difficult relationships, such as mediation sessions or individual behavior adjustments​​.

      • Coach the executive on effective communication techniques and emotional intelligence skills to better manage and navigate difficult interactions​​.

    • Ongoing Relationship Management

      • Monitor the progress of relationship improvements and provide continuous support to the executive in maintaining positive and productive relationships.

      • Use feedback mechanisms to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions and make necessary adjustments.

  • Continue on a Path with Fulfillment Coaching

    • Identify Fulfillment Goals

      • Work with the executive to define what fulfillment means to them in both their professional and personal life​​.

      • Use Shadowmatch’s habits reconstruction process to pinpoint areas of life that require change for greater fulfillment and happiness​​.

    • Implement Fulfillment Strategies

      • Develop a personalized fulfillment coaching plan that includes activities and habits designed to enhance the executive’s overall well-being and life satisfaction.

      • Guide the executive through the process of building new, positive habits that align with their fulfillment goals​​.

    • Monitor and Adapt Fulfillment Plan

      • Regularly review the executive’s progress towards their fulfillment goals and make adjustments to the coaching plan as needed to address any new challenges or opportunities.

      • Encourage continuous personal growth and reflection to ensure long-term fulfillment and success.

This process is designed to provide a holistic approach to executive coaching, addressing career development, team building, relationship management, and personal fulfillment. By following this structured journey, executives can achieve a balanced and successful professional life while maintaining personal satisfaction and growth.

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For the amount of R3000.00 you will be registered on the Shadowmatch coaching platform. Depending on the journey decision you would get a personal report plus dedicated report if applicable. You would then have access to the booking platform where you could book coaching sessions from R850 per session.

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