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Skills audit

Welcome to Success Enabled! Our SkillsGrid service offers a comprehensive skills audit that can help your business identify areas of strength and areas for improvement. By utilizing this service, you can ensure that your team is equipped with the necessary skills to drive your business forward.


Skills Audit Process Outline Using SkillsGrid

When a leader or executive signs their business up for a Skills Audit using SkillsGrid, they can expect the following process:

Initial Consultation:

  • Conduct a meeting to understand the business's skill requirements and objectives.

  • Explain the SkillsGrid methodology and its advantages for the business.

  • Gather preliminary information about the team and their current roles.

Data Collection:

  • Distribute the SkillsGrid assessment forms to all team members.

  • Ensure team members complete the assessments accurately and within the set timeframe.

  • Collect and compile the completed assessments for further analysis.

Skills Analysis:

  • Utilize the SkillsGrid system to analyze the collected data.

  • Identify the skills and competencies of each team member.

  • Assess how current skills align with the required roles and responsibilities.

Skills Mapping and Recommendations:

  • Generate a comprehensive report detailing the analysis findings.

  • Provide specific recommendations for the optimal placement of individuals based on their skills.

  • Highlight skill gaps and areas for development to align with business needs.

Implementation Planning:

  • Develop a detailed implementation plan based on the recommendations.

  • Facilitate discussions with team leaders and managers to ensure smooth transitions.

  • Address any potential concerns or resistance to changes.

Facilitated Sessions:

  • Conduct facilitated sessions to discuss the findings and recommendations with the team.

  • Provide guidance and support during the transition phase to ensure clear understanding and acceptance.

  • Assist in the realignment of roles and responsibilities according to the skills analysis.

Follow-Up and Support:

  • Schedule follow-up sessions to monitor progress and address any issues.

  • Provide ongoing support to ensure the new placements are effective and any skill gaps are addressed.

  • Adjust placements and provide additional training as necessary based on feedback and evolving business needs.

Expected Outcomes

Enhanced Team Performance:

  • Improved efficiency and productivity through better-aligned roles based on skills.

  • Increased job satisfaction and morale among team members by leveraging their strengths.

Skill Development:

  • Identification of skill gaps and provision of targeted training programs.

  • Continuous improvement of team skills to meet evolving business requirements.

Strategic Advantage:

  • Optimized use of human resources aligned with strategic business goals.

  • Enhanced ability to adapt to market changes and internal growth through a skilled and well-placed workforce.


By completing the attached form and signing up for the Skills Audit service, leaders and executives are committing to a structured, data-driven process aimed at maximizing the effectiveness of their team through optimal placement and skill development based on individual competencies​​ .

Request a meeting.

The minimum cost of a skills grid audit is R10000,00 plus R290.00 per team members personal report. For teams larger than 10 members up to 20 members an additional R5000 would be charged. Larger teams would be quoted.

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