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Team of Industrial Engineers

Team Building

Welcome to the team building services offered by Success Enabled where we believe that a strong team is the foundation of any successful business. A cohesive team can achieve more than individuals working alone, as they bring diverse skills, perspectives, and ideas to the table. A strong team fosters collaboration, innovation, and a positive work culture, leading to increased productivity and success.

Shadowmatch for teams

Shadowmatch for Teams Process Outline

By completing the attached form for Shadowmatch for Teams, you will be participating in a process designed to enhance team dynamics and overall effectiveness. Here is what you can expect:

Team Building and Team Optimization:

  • Participate in facilitated sessions.

  • Understand collective and individual behaviors within the team.

  • Identify and address potential friction points.

  • Optimize task allocation to enhance team performance.

  • Gain awareness of team blind spots.

Team Onboarding:

  • Manage the onboarding process for new team members.

  • Facilitate sessions to integrate new members smoothly.

  • Prevent potential disruptions to team dynamics during onboarding.

Team Conflict Management:

  • Engage in facilitated sessions to analyze team conflicts.

  • Identify friction points and work on preventing escalation.

  • Transform negative energy into positive team interactions.

Optimal Task Allocation:

  • Utilize a scientific approach for task distribution.

  • Facilitate sessions with team leaders to understand team strengths and weaknesses.

  • Ensure tasks are allocated to maximize team efficiency and success.

Team Onboarding and Risk Analysis:

  • Conduct risk analysis sessions when onboarding new members.

  • Anticipate and identify risks associated with integrating new team members.

  • Facilitate sessions to manage and mitigate these risks effectively.

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The minimum cost of a team building session is R10000,00 plus R550.00 per team members personal report. For teams larger than 10 members up to 20 members an additional R5000 would be charged.

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