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Workforce optimization

Success Enabled offers a unique solution to optimize the placement of people in the workplace using the Shadowmatch system. By analyzing people's habits, Shadowmatch places individuals in positions where they are most likely to excel, resulting in higher production and overall work satisfaction. Discover how Success Enabled can help your business achieve its full potential

Shadowmatch for workforce optimization

Process Outline for Optimal Placement of People Using Shadowmatch

When a leader or executive signs up their business for the Shadowmatch service for optimal placement of people, they can expect the following process:

Initial Consultation:

  • Conduct a meeting to understand the business needs and objectives.

  • Explain the Shadowmatch methodology and its benefits.

  • Gather initial information about the team and the roles within the organization.

Data Collection:

  • Distribute the Shadowmatch worksheets to all team members.

  • Ensure team members complete the worksheets accurately and within a set timeframe.

  • Collect and compile the completed worksheets for analysis.

Behavioral Analysis:

  • Utilize the Shadowmatch system to analyze the data from the worksheets.

  • Identify behavioral patterns and habits of team members.

  • Assess the suitability of each team member for their current roles.

Optimal Placement Recommendations:

  • Generate a detailed report outlining the analysis findings.

  • Provide specific recommendations for optimal placement of individuals within the team.

  • Highlight areas where team members' strengths can be best utilized.

Implementation Planning:

  • Develop an implementation plan based on the recommendations.

  • Facilitate discussions with team leaders and managers to ensure smooth transitions.

  • Address any potential concerns or resistance to changes.

Facilitated Sessions:

  • Conduct facilitated sessions with the team to discuss the changes.

  • Provide support and guidance during the transition phase.

  • Ensure clear communication and understanding of the new placements.

Follow-Up and Support:

  • Schedule follow-up sessions to monitor progress and address any issues.

  • Provide ongoing support to ensure the placements remain effective.

  • Adjust placements as necessary based on feedback and evolving business needs.


Expected Outcomes

Enhanced Team Performance:

  • Improved efficiency and productivity through better-aligned roles.

  • Increased job satisfaction and morale among team members.

Risk Mitigation:

  • Reduced risk of role misalignment and associated productivity losses.

  • Identification of potential conflicts and proactive management.

Strategic Advantage:

  • Optimized use of human resources for strategic business goals.

  • Enhanced ability to adapt to market changes and internal growth.

By completing the attached form and signing up for the Shadowmatch service, leaders and executives are committing to a structured, data-driven process aimed at maximizing the effectiveness of their team through optimal placement based on individual strengths and behaviors .

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